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Welcome    to    the    Hidden    Place    of    Ranma    and    his    Forever    young    Ranko

A tale of a boy name Ranma who is curse to turn to a girl when splash with cold water and back when splash with warm water

Update 02-20-02 It been a long time. All these image belong to anyone that own the right to it and none are mine to begin with, okay.

"Oh man, not again! I'm a girl again, just great now I have to go find some hot water".

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Inoue Kikuko as Kasumi Tendou.

Meet Inoue Kikuko (vq)

Kasumi Tendou Gallery

Ranma and Ranma girl gallery

E-mail me for comment or anything. Send me fanfic and I post it up for you and send me picture too,you get credit for your work.


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